Water Softeners

Our goal at CGC Water Kinetico Water is to solve hard water problems with clean, soft water through innovative technology for homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, Southeast Michigan and Southeast Georgia.

Our affordable and safe water softening systems remove the calcium and magnesium hard water contains. When hard water passes through Kinetico's softening system's resin bed, the calcium and magnesium (hardness) ions are removed through an ion exchange process, so only softened water passes through to your home.

You can even schedule a free water test from one of our technicians.

We offer units that work for any home and any budget. Whether you’re looking for an economical solution to your home’s hard water problems or a salt-free, top-of-the-line dual tank system that cleans itself, we can recommend and install the perfect water softener for you.

Take a look at the water softener systems we offer below:

Kinetico Premier Water Softeners

Kinetico-CGC-Water-Premier-Water-Softeners-2 Best Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series water softeners are the ultimate water conditioning solution. Their systems operate without the use of electricity. Engineered to tackle your tough water challenges, Premier Series water softeners work more efficiently and reliably because there are no electrical components or computers that need to be set, adjusted, repaired or replaced.

One tank is always in service while the other is either on standby or regenerating. This is something that simply cannot be provided by a single-tank system. We’re so confident that our Premier Series water softeners will perform beautifully for many years that we back them with the most comprehensive, flexible warranty you’ll find.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a Kinetico Premier Series water softener!

Powerline Water Softeners

Powerline-softener-2 Best Water Softeners

One of the best water softeners on the market today is the Powerline water softener from CGC Water Kinetico Water.

The Powerline water softener has an automatic regeneration system that runs on a 12 day electronic calendar. This feature allows you to decide when you want the water softener to regenerate and how often you want it to do it. This is a great system if your water usage tends to stay the same and is fairly predictable. The Powerline not only costs less than other water softeners, it also saves you money on your monthly water and power bills by allowing you to control its use in a very direct way.

The Powerline water softener comes with a five year warranty on tanks, a three year warranty on valves, and a one year warranty on seals and electronic parts. The Powerline even comes with a 90 day trial period so you can test it and decide if it’s right for you. You won’t find a finer water softener for a better price anywhere.

Water Softeners in FL & MI

CGC Water Kinetico Water is a 3rd generation family business begun over 65 years ago. CGC Water Kinetico Water has expanded to represent multiple manufacturers, including the ultra-efficient, non-electric Kinetico water systems, serving customers in Florida and Michigan. We offer top of the line water softeners to all our customers in Jacksonville, FL and various cities in MI. If you live in Jacksonville, FL or Michigan and you are in need of a new water softener, contact us today!