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“I just want to leave a shout-out here commending Duane for his fantastic service today and on Monday. I had a problem that needed correcting, and when it wasn’t quite solved the first time, Duane promptly came out first thing this morning and got me all squared away. Thanks to Duane and the Kinetico CGC representatives who worked to get my problem fixed right away! I’m very happy with my service.”
– Griffin Wright, Brighton, MI

“We moved recently and got Kinetico CGC to come out for a new water softener. It is the best thing we have done! The water tastes great and my laundry and dishes feel cleaner. Thank you for your service – it has made all the difference!”
– Heather Finnegan, Ann Arbor, MI

“We just had an air induction filter system installed and see lots of improvements. Less soaps and no more iron spots. So far so good.”
– Janice Schmitt, Milan, MI

“Replacing a Kinetico system installed 27 years ago should speak for itself. We experienced no major(or minor) problems with the original system. Over time the effectiveness of the softening process diminished and in talking with our District manager, he suggested it might be time to replace the old system. We selected the Water Conditioning Combination system as well as the Smart Clear Air Induction Filter System. The new system has been in operation 4 days and the difference in the “feel” of the water is amazing. I never understood the true meaning of “squeeky” clean until this weekend. Less shampoo, less soap, less clothes washer detergent,less dishwasher soap. The best part is the Smart Clean has removed ALL the faint sulfur odor from the water. The Smart Clean removes the iron as well so no more figuring out which salt to buy and add/alternate.”
– Sue McMahon, Milan, MI

“Great water softener and RO system – using less detergents/soaps/shampoo. Thanks to my dad for referring me!!”
– Dave Delbusso, Michigan

“Love our new softener and reverse osmosis water system! Our last Kinetico system lasted 34 years!”
– Lisa Giles Tison, Waterford, MI

“When we moved into our house 5 years ago the previous owners had just been using a water softener. After about a month after moving in the water started turning a bit orange. Finally one day I went to fill the bath tub for my son and it was completely orange! I was so grossed out and panicked. I told my husband I wasn’t going to live anywhere where the water was so terrible. I would stick a for sale sign in the front yard! We went to Kinetico and they set us up with the Iron Curtain system. What a life saver! Our water is perfect! We also have the water softener and reverse osmosis systems from Kinetico… husband calls it our “water treatment plant”. I love it. I won’t drink water from anything but our reverse osmosis system! I’m very happy with all that Kinetico has done for our water.”
– Megan Janisch, Howell, MI

“We recently purchased a Smart water filtering System, it was installed on January 30, 2013 and I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the claims, even with my brothers testimony. However, to my pleasant surprise, within 24 hours the metallic odor disappeared, the rust disappeared and within a few days the clarity of the water improved significantly. Without a doubt, thus far, I would and do recommend this filtering system to any who may be boarder line, you will not regret it.”
– Doug Sargent, Hartland, MI

“A huge improvement over our old system!! We were very pleased with the sales presentation and the installation- Bob and Rene are the best!”
-Benjamin Penhale, Onaway, MI

“Bought a system 21 years ago and did nothing to it except put salt in it and changed the filter when needed. Didn’t have a reverse osmosis with the last system and bought water for drinking so glad we got it with this one. Don’t need bottle water any more. Talked too many people about other water systems and everyone said that Kinetico is the BEST and from experience I agree with them so glad to have a new one.”
– Keith Koval, Michigan

“Can’t believe the difference in the quality of the water! We have bad well water & have bought water for drinking for 6 yrs! Have never tasted such great water before and our dogs are even drinking more water!!! Should have done this along time ago! I work at HomeDepot Store 2765 & tell customers how great this system is all the time!!!!!!!!”
– Ken Skinner, Lennon, MI

“We recently had our water system replaced…our local salesperson-Scott and local installer was fantastic! Everything was done without a hitch! Great people at our local area-Hartland/Brighton location! Thank you!”
– Amy Kozle, Brighton, MI

“We love our new Kinetico softner. We have a brand new home and the white toilets were black 1 month after being installed. It was gross. Thanks to our new system they are sparkling white and it feels much cleaner in our home. Also Thanks to Bob Blakeney for the tips on getting rid of our “stinky” water.”
– Amanda Stephenson, Howell, MI

“We love the new system. My husband used to fill the BIG BLUE bottles at the grocery with reverse osmosis water. I think we had about ten 2 to 3 gallon bottles. No more hassle and fresh clean amazing tasting water. Just Love It! Worth every penny.”
– Michelle Perrin, Dearborn Heights, MI

“We recently had a duel water softener as well as a RO system installed. We are very happy with the results. It is so nice to know that I will never run out of softened water again! No more orange tubs and toilets! Also very much liking the reverse osmosis system. Can’t believe how clear my ice cubes can be or how better tasting my water is. So worth the money!”
– Lisa Cazallis, Howell, MI

“My new Kinetico softener and R/O system are helping me clean up 16 years of hard water deposits left by the original owner. I do appreciate the clean water and my R/O ice cubes in particular. Thank you for the quick and easy install.”
– Christa Cooper, Michigan

“We love the new Kinetico water system w/ the R.O. water. We Just moved and this is our first time on well water. The old system we had was horrible! All of our toilets and showers were stained. Thank god we called Kinetico and they were able to come out and get things swapped out in a timely manner. Also, we do not have to wait on the softener to regenerate with the dual tank which helps with the electric bills and if we have family in town there is no worry about running out of soft water.”
– Joe Frincke, Brighton, MI

“Love the Kinetico water softener and filtration system we purchased for our new home. Our previous experience with well water was horrible. The water rust stained everything and left a residue on our skin and hair. With our new system our water is the best it’s ever been–would highly recommend this system to anyone!”
– Michelle Baldwin Henderson, Michigan

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