As a homeowner, it’s natural to have concerns about water leaks and flooding. After all, it only takes a small amount of water to cause thousands of dollars in property damage.

Fortunately, with the right systems in place, you never again have to worry about this. With the installation of a Kinetico Leak Detection System, combined with its System Hub and Leak Sensors, your water will automatically shut off within five seconds of detecting a leak.

Kinetico Water Shut-Off ValveShut-off-valve-1-150x150 Leak Detection Systems

By connecting directly to the main water supply of your home, the detection of a leak results in the water being shut-off within a matter of seconds.

Kinetico Leak SensorLeak-Sensor-1-150x150 Leak Detection Systems

The Kinetico Leak Sensor is designed for installation in high-risk areas of your home, such as in close relation to water heaters, HVAC units, washing machines, dishwashers, and bathrooms. 

The sensor is designed to send a signal to the valve to shut the water off in the event of a leak. It can also alert you of a leak via the Kinetico Monitoring App. 

Kinetico HubKinetico-Hub-1-150x150 Leak Detection Systems

The Kinetico Hub is the “brain” of your entire system, as it communicates between the shut-off valve, leak sensors, and you. 

The Kinetico Hub 3.0 is the company’s most advanced design yet, thanks to the use of built-in Wi-Fi. 

Kinetico Monitoring App

Pair your devices via the Kinetico Monitoring App to alert you of any leaks.

You can also set preferences to receive email alerts, text messages, or push notifications if a leak is detected. 

At CGC Water, we’re serious about providing our customers with high-tech products to keep their home safe, save them money, and provide peace of mind. 

If you have any questions about installing a leak detection system in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.