We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here or would like to set up a water consultation, please feel free to contact us.

You’ve probably seen that we offer free water testing when you shop with Kinetico CGC Water, and like many of our customers, wonder what the big deal is. In our experience, we’ve found that this simple test not only gets our customers the best system for their needs, it can also save time, money and headaches in the future. Learn more about the importance of water testing and how this free fifteen minute test can help us to recommend the best system for you.

The FREE in-home water analysis tests for hardness, iron, PH and total dissolved solids (TDS). An audit of your plumbing will also be conducted which will help us to determine the best place for installation of the water treatment system, type of piping and parts needed for the installation. Extremely poor water conditions or specific tests for water issues beyond hardness, iron, pH or TDS may require testing from an outside lab. Schedule your FREE water test now!

Calcium and magnesium are the general culprit of hard water, and have a high content in water that flows above or through limestone or other rocky deposits. While hard water does not pose a health risk, many home and business owners in Michigan and Florida find it to be an irritation. How do you know if you have hard water in Michigan or Florida? Read about some of the common hard water signs.

Does your home use a private well as its main water source? Did you know that private wells are not regulated by the EPA, which could greatly affect the cleanliness of your home’s drinking water. Learn more about the effects of well water and how you can have your water tested.

If you have well water or city water, chances are you will find trace amounts of PPCPs. Pharmaceutics & personal care products (PPCPs) enter the water stream when users rinse or flush household cleaners and unused medications down their sink or toilet. PPCPs can also be traced back to farm animals that are given antibiotics or hormones and improperly disposed of components from manufacturing facilities. Learn more about PPCPs and how you can learn more about what is in YOUR home’s water.

Kinetico CGC Water is an authorized distributor of Kinetico products. We stand behind the Kinetico name because of the quality and long-lasting durability of these systems.
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Our company history is probably our most important asset to consider. Who you buy from is at least as important as what you buy. We are a third generation family business started in 1946 with hundreds of thousands of customers referring us to their friends, neighbors and relations. A negative reputation would have killed us long ago. Our industry sees new companies form and fail time after time. Some try telemarketing offering free gifts and high prices, some offering lifetime warranties to make sales and then disappear when service is needed, some try selling pyramid distribution products for which they have little understanding, and now internet sales are the new rage. These are sold with manufacturer warranties only and include no installation and no “in home” service warranty. Human nature is we all want a good product at a good deal. But, sometimes our quest for the best deal overrides our product knowledge and we are at the mercy of a sometimes unscrupulous sales presentation. Our goal is to provide budget choices with honest, fair values and real warranties from a real company that will be there when you need us. Everyone will say the same things but the proof of our integrity can be found in an offer available from no one else. Try our company for 90 days. If you are unhappy in any way, find a better value, better product, better warranty, or better anything, just call for removal and refund. No problem. No argument. We know we can’t be beat and this is our way of proving it. Check us out with the Better Business Bureau. You won’t be disappointed. To break it down even further, check out our top 5 Reasons to Choose Kinetico CGC.

Every few years another new company surfaces featuring a “new” miracle product that will supposedly offer the benefits of a water softener without using salt. The obvious reaction is “Great. I can get rid of my softener, stop buying and carrying salt, and just strap this little device to my plumbing and still get soft water”. These types of products have been in and out of the market for over 30 years. They usually come and go quickly as the consumer complaints mount, forcing the new company to move to another area. However, with internet national and international sales marketing I’m afraid they will be around to mislead and sell millions on benefits that will never be realized. Believe me; if testing proved these products worked, our company would have added them to our catalog years ago. If you’re tempted, do the research. You’ll save yourself several hundred to thousands of dollars and avoid an awful lot of frustration.

Recent studies reaffirm older testing that proved this practice to have no deleterious impact on septic systems. However, some septic tank manufacturers have limited their warranty coverage in the past when softeners were found to drain to their tanks and should be consulted if warranty coverage still exists. The study linked below shows a recent change in warranty coverage to authorize softener discharge as a result of a major tank manufacturers extensive testing. Study: Softener Discharge Versus Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Units (PDF).

See the video below to better understand how water softeners work.

Congratulations on purchasing a home with a Kinetico system! This is a great start to providing quality water for your family. The good news is Kinetico’s factory warranties are often transferrable. Please contact us for more information on the Kinetico system(s) installed in your new home.

Be sure that the water supply to the softened water is not by-passed. A member of our Service Department can test the water for hardness and check to make sure the system is regenerating as it should. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Lift the lid of the brine tank to check the level of salt. If you can see water, it is time to add salt or potassium. You can add salt anytime there is enough room to accommodate at least one bag. However, keep in mind that keeping the brine tank completely full of salt can contribute to salt bridging.

Remember, your Kinetico system is demand-operated, adjusting automatically to your water usage. If you do not think that your water usage has increased due to extra house guests, additional laundry or some other reason, check for any leaky plumbing, dripping faucets or running toilets; all of which can contribute to more frequent regenerations.

Single tank, electric water softeners tend to be set to regenerate at night because of the unavailability of soft water during the regeneration process. Unlike traditional water softeners, Kinetico systems operate on demand based on your water usage, without timers or electronics. So your system regenerates whenever necessary, at any time of day. And Kinetico’s twin tank design allows one tank to provide treated water while the other regenerates, so you’ll never be without soft water.

A leaking toilet means that the toilet is not shutting off completely. Perhaps it will stop and then start again suddenly. A leaking or running toilet is continuously using soft water. Besides wasting a lot of water, a leaking toilet will cause your water softener to use more salt than needed. Leaks in your plumbing or dripping faucets can also contribute to this problem.

See the video below to better understand how reverse osmosis drinking water systems work.

If you open your tap and don’t get any water, or only get a small stream, it could mean one of two things: your storage tank is out of water and the drinking water system is making more, or your filters need to be changed. Check your system’s PureMometer to see if the MACguard Filter has shut off. Periodically checking the PureMometer could alert you to the need for a filter changes before it happens. If the filter does not need to be changed, wait an hour or two and try to draw water from the faucet again.

How long a MACguard Filter cartridge will last depends on your drinking water usage. It could last anywhere from a few months to a few years. An average family of four with average drinking water use can expect the cartridge to last approximately nine months to one year. Kinetico recommends annual cartridge replacements.

We recommend you contact us to change your cartridges, completely sanitize your system, check your water and make sure your system is operating properly. If you choose to install your new cartridges yourself, follow the instruction, found in your owner’s manual, carefully.

When a filter change is required, you will notice a dramatic reduction in the flow of water. The system’s PureMometer will also indicate that it’s time for a filter change. The frequency of filter changes depends on your water usage.

Contact us! Even if you’re unsure of what you need, we will be able to determine the type of filters your system requires by checking your installation and service history.



When you wash in soft water, you feel your skin the way it’s supposed to feel, clean and silky smooth. According to the U.C. Berkeley Wellness Letter, when you wash in hard water, the soap you’re using reacts with the hardness minerals in the water “to form an insoluble residue that’s difficult to wash away.” The “squeaky” feel/sound many people associate with being clean is, in fact, your skin sticking because of this residue.

Soft water rinses your skin and hair better than hard water and doesn’t leave a soap or shampoo residue behind. People that use soft water consistently enjoy the “truly clean” feeling they get when washing with it.

Yes, soft water is OK for drinking and cooking. If your softener regenerates with sodium chloride (salt), keep in mind that there will be a small amount of sodium added to the softened water. People who are on sodium-restricted diets should consider the added sodium as part of their overall sodium intake. For the highest quality drinking water possible, a Kinetico reverse osmosis drinking water system will remove as much as 98 percent of total dissolved solids from your water.

Water softeners improve the “water working” throughout the home. This is the water used for bathing, cleaning, laundry, etc. Softeners are not designed to improve drinking water. Drinking water systems improve the water that you use to drink and cook with by removing objectionable taste and odor. They are designed to reduce the amount of contaminants that are commonly found in city and well water supplies.