Drinking water quality can no longer be taken for granted.

You may need a drinking water system to protect your family. Private well water can be affected by any number of contaminants. Even municipally treated water has unpleasant taste and odors, and at times is subject to boil water alerts due to bacteria contamination.

We can provide you with the best drinking water possible without the plastic bottle waste, and our water specialists can help you identify what’s in your water with a free water analysis. We can then build the drinking water system that best suits your treatment needs.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis systems deliver pure, high-quality water straight from the top. Manufactured with the latest Kinetico innovations, reverse osmosis water systems are able to remove 99% of contaminants, produce gallons of pure, clean drinking water, incorporate self-cleaning initiatives, and all while conserving water!

If you’re looking for a drinking water system, reverse osmosis is the only way to go. CGC Water Kinetico is dedicated to providing the best, safe water solution and we believe we’ve found it in reverse osmosis.

Take a look at a few of our drinking water systems and choose the best solution for your home.

Kinetico-CGC-Water-K5 Drinking Water Systems

K5 Drinking Water Station

The Kinetico K5 home water filtration system is Kinetico’s top-of-the-line reverse osmosis water cleaning system. If your home has had issues with contaminants, bad tastes, or odors, the K5 home water filtration system may be just what you need. The K5 home water filtration system has been certified to be able to remove more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis system. The K5 drinking water station is equipped with some notable features, including QuickFlo technology.

Unlike other drinking stations that can leave you waiting for clean water, the K5’s QuickFlo technology delivers a steady stream of drinking water so you aren’t waiting for your water supply to go through a lengthy reverse osmosis process.

The K5 also includes a MACguard filter and PureMometer Filter Life Indicator. The MACguard filter can be switched out quickly and without hassle, while the PureMometer Filter Life Indicator will let you know exactly how long you have before you need a new filter. The K5 home water filtration system is compact enough to fit anywhere you want a supply of fresh drinking water, and it comes with a lead-free tap available in several different finishes to fit any decor. The Kinetico K5 home water filtration system is an environmentally friendly and economical source of clean drinking water. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain and far more efficient than other reverse osmosis water cleaning systems on the market.

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Aquakinetic Drinking Water System

With the AquaKinetic drinking water system you can always know that the water flowing from your faucet is always at its purest with this affordable and unique solution. It operates solely on the power of water flow, conserving energy without compromising quality.

The AquaKinetic drinking water system’s reverse osmosis operates in three stages:

1. Water travels through a high-capacity pre-filter

2. Water flows through the main filter that facilitates the reverse osmosis process

3. The water passes through a carbon post-filter

Kinetico-CGC-Water-AquaKinetic Drinking Water Systems

While this process is similar to the AquaKinetic’s K5, this model is more compact. It easily fits under a sink, in a basement or in a garage. The faucet is lead-free, and is designed to complement any room. This drinking water system affords your family the best drinking water while also being an environmentally sound drinking water system choice. When it comes to reverse osmosis drinking water, AquaKinetic drinking water systems are the most economical and efficient systems available. If you are still not certain that an AquaKinetic drinking water system is right for you, contact us today to learn more!

Kinetico-CGC-Water-MACguard Drinking Water Systems

MACguard Drinking Water Filter

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and hassle-free way to get rid of your water issues, the MACguard water filter system is a simple, no-fuss solution to your problems.

The MACguard water filtration system is small and can be easily stored underneath a sink or anywhere throughout your home. The carbon filtration system does a thorough job of cleaning, so you’ll notice a pleasant difference in the taste and smell of your water. The MACguard water filter system is simple to use and comes with a PureMometer. This filter life indicator makes it handy for you to know when it’s time for your filter to be changed.

Replacing your filter is also simple and hassle-free due to its unique design and large filter capacity that’s good for 500 gallons. When you’re looking to get the cleanest and most refreshing drinking water for your home or business, the MACguard water filter system is ideal for individuals who are on a tight budget. Because of its convenience and affordability, you can also upgrade your MACguard water filter system in the future to something more advanced with no hassle.
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