At Clearwater Systems, our goal is to provide Michigan residents clean drinking water through advanced technology. Our affordable and safe water softening systems provide clean drinking water for many years. We offer units that work for any home and any budget. Whether you’re looking for an economical solution to your home’s hard water problems or a top-of-the-line dual tank system that cleans itself and doesn’t require salt, we can recommend and install the perfect water softener for you. Take a look at the water softener types we offer below:
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Kinetico Premier Water Softeners

Considered the gold standard in water softening technology, Kinetico Premier Water softeners operate without electricity and are self-cleaning. This softener is designed with you in mind and provides a nearly unlimited supply of soft water.

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This twin tank system cleans and regenerates itself only when necessary and monitors your water use. Better yet, Kinetico water softeners save you money on your energy bills by running entirely on kinetic energy–not electricity.

Kinetico Essential Water Softenersimg-softeners-essential Content Page Template

The Kinetico Essential water softeners run on water power instead of electricity like all of our Kinetico water softeners. This line features economically priced Kinetico water softener technology.

Aquakinetic Water Softenersimg-softeners-aquakinetic Content Page Template

While this dual-tank softener is on the smaller side, it offers all the benefits of a water-powered, Kinetico water softener. Built to fit in the narrowest places, the Aquakinetic Series supplies you with soft water all day long.

Powerline Water Softenersimg-softeners-powerline Content Page Template

These affordable water softeners save you on your energy bill by allowing you to control your softener’s regeneration system. Kinetico’s water softeners use technology to save our customers’ money.

SmartSoft-Water-Softener-107x150 Content Page TemplateSmartSoft Water Softeners

The SmartSoft water softening system combines optimal performance with easy maintenance. These water softeners give allow you to customize parts, valves and backwash systems to fit your home or business’ needs. If you’re tired of hard water ruining your shower heads, washing machines and faucets, schedule a free water analysis with us. We’ll test your water for hardness and make recommendations based on our findings.