CGC Water Kinetico, a 4th generation family business established over 70 years ago, is now serving clients in Georgia, Florida and Michigan. CGC Water Kinetico has expanded to represent multiple manufacturers, including the ultra-efficient, non-electric Kinetico water systems and the Hydrus Commercial water softeners.

With savings on salt, water and time, Kinetico’s commercial water softening systems are a smart choice for any business. Our industrial-strength, non-electric commercial water softeners operate based on demand and are designed to handle all the water your business needs.

From our heavy-duty Hydrus industrial water softeners to space-saving CC Series systems, each water softening system is held to high quality standards, but comes with an industry-leading warranty for peace of mind.

And with soft water, your equipment will operate at peak efficiency and last longer. So whether you are a brewery, a 50-seat restaurant, a hospital, or anything in between, there is a Kinetico commercial water solution to meet your business needs.

Our Professional Promise

As an authorized, independent Kinetico water systems dealer, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Our water professionals and service technicians keep your best interests at heart. Whether we’re analyzing your water, helping to determine the best solution for your water challenge or explaining how Kinetico water softeners work, no one will bring more professionalism into your home or business, or is more interested in your total satisfaction. We promise.

Hydrus Series Commercial Water Softeners

hydrus-series-softener Commercial Water Treatment

The Hydrus Series Commercial Water Softeners is ideal for large appliances requiring high flow rates. If you are a larger operation that deals with consistent water flow, then this is the water softening solution for you. The Hydrus Series Commercial Water Softeners may also be combined with Hydrus Filtration. This commercial water system is a configurable, non-electric point-of-entry softener. By eliminating electricity, your business is lowering energy and choosing an affordable, effective solution.

CP Series Commercial Water Softeners

cp-series-softener Commercial Water Treatment

The CP Series Commercial Water Softeners is a large, non-electric system that equates its high-performance with incredible efficiency. A modular design allows your system to grow as your water demand increases. This is the perfect solution for businesses who are on the rise! Plan for the future with a system that will keep up with you and your water needs. This machine is efficient and affordable. The low-cost operation makes the CP Series one of our most popular Commercial water solutions.

CC Series Commercial Water Softeners

cc-series-softener Commercial Water Treatment

The CC Series Commercial Water Softeners is a compact, non-electric model that saves space. Applicable to water temperatures up to 150°F, this series uses it's small size to it's ultimate capacity. It's corrosion, heat and moisture resistant, making it the perfect, durable water solution for adverse conditions. The CC Series provides water solutions for even the smallest spaces!

Combination Softener & Filter System

combo-softener-filter Commercial Water Treatment

The Combination Softener & Filter System removes water hardness and chlorine in one go. If you're looking for a one-and-done solution, then the Combination series is for you. Enjoy soft, filtered water, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a quad-tank design and non-electric operation, this system never stops working, ensuring soft water every time you turn on the faucet. The ideal choice for a simple, reliable and economical operation, the Combination Softener & Filter system is perfect for growing operations.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Some applications require the consistent purity and quality that only a Kinetico commercial reverse osmosis system (also known as “RO”) Kinetico_NSC Commercial Water Treatment
Nimbus_s1400_v000_HR_0000-scaled Commercial Water Treatment can provide. Sometimes, typical commercial water filters fall short of the quality your application needs. If that's the case with your business, maybe it is time you upgraded to one of our commercial RO systems. If you need superior drinking water for your customers (a great way to set your business apart from your competitors), Kinetico’s industrial-grade reverse osmosis systems can help you accomplish your goals.